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Gutter Cleaning Wellington

Do your gutters need a clean?  Are your gutters overflowing?  Is there grass or plants growing out of your gutters?  We can help!

We have two ways we can clean out your gutters:

  • Hand clean (fine dirt is not removed)
  • Low pressure detergent clean (most fine dirt is removed)

Hand Cleaning Gutters

Most of the time a simple hand clean will do the job, while this procedure will not remove any fine dirt particles it does unblock the gutters to allow water to flow through.

Height Safety When Cleaning Gutters

Our staff are fully trained to work at heights and will use all the necessary safety equipment.
In most cases we can complete the work without the need of a safety harness or other access equipment such as a cherry picker, but we are fully trained to use such equipment if need be.

Low Pressure Detergent Cleaning Gutters

In some cases (normally in rural areas where rain water is collected for drinking water) a low pressure clean is the way to go.  This type of clean removes the small dirt particles and mould or grime build up.

The downpipes will need to be disconnected from your water tank while we are performing the clean, in some cases we can do this but it is best to check with your plumber to see if you have a diverter installed.  If you don't we highly recommend you have one installed if you use the water collected for drinking.

We Recommend Cleaning Your Gutters Annually to Prevent Blockages and Possible Water Ingress Which can Lead to Costly Repair Bills