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About Us


Chemwash cleaning systems (1988) limited was formed in September 1981 as a franchise operation to market and apply a new cleaning technique using non poisonous and non toxic detergents to do all of the 'hard work', instead of high pressure water blasting, which was the norm in those days (and is still used extensively today by many other cleaning companies).

Chemwash is 100% owned in New Zealand and was the first company in this country to use the feature of detergents, low pressure and a then unique fan washing procedure.

The detergents were developed for Chemwash by a leading industrial chemist, whose brief it was to develop a detergent that was totally safe to use around buildings and houses, but was still effective in the selective killing of mould, lichen and moss (including spores), as well as lifting and cleaning away dirt and grime.  Of course this new detergent had to be totally safe around people, pets and all general vegetation.

Our company has continued to research and develop new products to meet current demands for environmentally friendly safe products.  All our detergents that are used in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial situations are safe, break down easily, and most are MAF approved.

In 1988, the then franchise holders in the company, brought out the franchise owner and formed a cooperative of owner-operators, of which there are now over thirty situated in all regions of New Zealand.

Local Family Business

In 1991 Steve & Denise Courtenay took a leap of faith and decided to start up their own business.  Chemwash was very appealing.

Based in Paraparaumu they ran the Wellington western suburbs branch from home.   It wasn't until 1993 that the business employed its first staff member, business progressed well and in 1998 Wellington eastern suburbs branch was purchased.

In the year 2000 Steve & Denise had enough of the long commute to Wellington each day, and moved to Papakowhai in Porirua City.  About the same time as this move they joined forces with the Lower Hutt & Porirua branch, this partnership was dissolved in good faith on August 2007.

Steve & Denise's son Sam then came on board in 2007 and is now one of the Directors.


Chemwash is fully insured (5MM PL and $100k PI) our staff undergo on-going training in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for customers.  This business offers a variety of up to date cleaning options.  Our objective is to provide quality and service at a reasonable cost.  This objective is achieved by:

  • Establishing a cleaning system to satisfy the unique characteristic of the facility i.e. specifications and frequency requirements.
  • Using the most appropriate equipment and chemicals available to the industry.
  • Providing a quality control program which includes regularly scheduled inspections.

You are always assured of our best service and a top quality job.  Our workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed.

Low Pressure Cleaning System

The Chemwash Low Pressure system is specialised for exterior cleaning of all exterior surfaces.  Houses, buildings, concrete, property etc. Maintenance programmes may include "Spray and Leave" treatment for roofs, concrete clean, house wash for mould & lichen.

What is Low Pressure Cleaning?  Basically, the Chemwash cleaning process involves applying our detergents to the surface to be cleaned, then rinsing off with relatively low water pressure (about 600-1000psi, compared with 2000-5000+psi for a lot of water blasters) and using fan spray nozzles, which eliminate the possibility of damage to the surface being cleaned.

Low pressure washing also uses a lot less actual water than do the high-pressure water blasters.

Common Exteriors:

  • House & building washing
  • Painting preparation
  • Concrete, brick, wood & metal
  • Natural stone, brick cleaning & Sealing


  • KILLS - Mould, lichen & spores
  • REMOVES - Dirt, moss and cobwebs
  • RESTORES - Paint life & lustre
  • PREPS - A clean surface to help you in preparation for painting
  • GENTLE - Low pressure technology