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Residential Cleaning Services

The chemwash low pressure system is specialised for cleaning all exterior surfaces.

  • weatherboard / cedar / stucco
  • concrete / asphalt & brickwork
  • all roof claddings
  • decking & outdoor furniture
  • other specialised surfaces

Maintenance programmes may include spray and leave moss, mould, & lichen treatments which can be applied to roofs, concrete, decking, driveways, or houses.

Safe, Low Pressure (soft wash) Detergent Cleaning

Basically, the chemwash cleaning process involves applying our detergents to the surface to be cleaned, then rinsing off with relatively low water pressure (about 600-1000psi, compared with 2000-5000+psi for a lot of water blasters) and using fan spray nozzles, which eliminate the possibility of damage to the surface being cleaned.

We Care For Your Property As Much As You Do!

Don't damage expensive surfaces around your home with potentially abrasive water blasting.  Our revolutionary system uses specially formulated products to ease away mess, leaving a damage-free, sparkling clean & sterile surface.

We have a range of products to tackle any cleaning situation, removing unsightly dirt build-up, mould, fungus, lichen, carbon, soot, grease, oil or plain old grime.  Our detergents kill mould, fungus & lichen but will not harm vegetation - also it's safe around children & pets.


We safely clean all types of surfaces.  Contrary to the common practice of many inexperienced pressure wash contractors, our goal is to clean your house using as little pressure as possible.  This virtually eliminates concerns of water being forced behind siding, paint being blown off, and water being pushed in around windows and doors. Instead, we use environmentally responsible detergents to gently emulsify surface pollutants and kill mildew.

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