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Pest Control Wellington

All pests controlled.  Professional long term solutions.

Ant Control specialists

Ants are the number one household pest in Wellington, once they establish themselves inside your wall cavities they are impossible to remove.  Until now!

We use a new specially formulated treatment that can eliminate nests from you house, in most cases we do not even need to treat the inside of your home.  Contact us for a free quote.

Safe Non Toxic Solutions

A wide variety of treatments are available, our goal is to eliminate your target pest using safe methods that do not harm our environment, pets, or people.

Pest Prevention

Prevent pest infestations before they become a problem.  Once pests become established in your home or business it can be very difficult and costly to eliminate that pest, get them early or even better yet put protection in place to prevent infestations.

Commercial & Residential Pest Control

For your home or your work.  Single dwellings or high rise hotels.  We now offer service agreements at very competitive prices, get a full years protection from target pests that is within your budget.

We are fully qualified urban pest management approved handlers

We would love you to be one of our happy customers, if you would like a free no obligation quotation or just some advice please feel free to contact us via phone, email, or by filling out our free quote form.