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Roof Cleaning

With over 25 years of experience cleaning roofs in Wellington, there is no job we cannot tackle.  If you have moss, mould, lichen, dirt, or grime on your roof give us a call and we will give a free inspection and no obligation quote.

There are three ways we can clean your roof:

  • low pressure detergent clean
  • pre-paint clean
  • weatherwash spray & leave treatment

Low Pressure Detergent Clean

The safe way to clean your roof, chemwash cleaning uses very low pressure, this means the surface or paint will not be damaged during the cleaning process.  The moss, mould, lichen, dirt, & grime will simply wash away leaving a sparkling new roof.  Our specially formulated products do all the hard work not the high water pressure like most other cleaners.

Pre-paint Clean

Painting your roof?  We can help with the hard part .... preparation.

Sanding flaky paint off roofs is no fun, we know this, you know this, and your back definitely knows this.  We use a moderate water pressure to help blast most of that flakey paint away, without damaging the surface below.

Weather Wash Spray & Leave Treatment

Our trained professionals evenly apply our specially formulated treatment to your roof at a very low pressure.  This treatment will not harm plants, pets, or people.

Due to the deliberate slow action of the treatment it may be some time before you notice any difference.  The period of time before the surface is clean is variable but can be anything from three months to a little over a year.  It depends on the existing condition of the surface, how exposed to the elements, & the extent of vegetation shading the surface.

This treatment is guaranteed to work, we provide you with a written guarantee on job completion.  This guarantee is transferrable to new owners if you are selling your home.

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